Anne Faux Chinchilla Blanket

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Anne Faux Chinchilla Blanket

Anne is an amazingly soft knit faux fur. In fact, she feels just like a woven faux fur. She is ivory and light golden brown, and her fur fibers measure 1 inch long. She iss the highest quality knit fur in our collection. Single sided throws and blankets are lined satin OR faux Suede and double sided blankets have fur on both sides. About faux fur- To insure the long life of your faux fur blanket it must be laundered correctly. All fur fabrics are 100% acrylic. Single sided blankets are lined in 100% polyester satin or faux suede. Machine wash on delicate cycle in COLD water. Use the machines shortest cycle and an ordinary bleach-free detergent. Air or line dry only. DO NOT PUT IT IN THE DRYER!!! Even the lowest dryer setting including fluff or air will permanently damage this faux fur. Once dry take the blanket outside and vigorously shake free any loose fur fibers. Do not dry clean as dry cleaning chemicals will reduce softness. Faux fur does shed especially in the beginning. Once all of the loose fibers are discarded the fur should not shed anymore. To speed removal of loose fibers wash the fur as described above. If shedding persists brush like you would brush a cat. You can also use a lint roller against the grain of the fur. These blankets are made-to-order so please allow up to 4 weeks for manufacturing before item is shipped..