Cabin Fever Sunset Rustic Cross Blanket

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Cabin Fever Sunset Rustic Cross Blanket

Approx. 60x80 inches. The colors in this blanket are hard to capture with the camera, but they are Turquoise, Olive/Grey, Blue/Grey, Burgundy, Cantaloupe, Red/Orange, bound in black. This item is part of Ramatex Internationals Cabin Fever Collection. Low pile finish and fully reversible. Made from 90% Acrylic/ 10% Polyester recycled fibers. Machine wash separately in cold water on gentle cycle. No bleach or softeners. Tumble dry low heat or line dry. Made in Mexico. Vibrant colors, napped. Bound around the edges and double stitched for durability. Usually ships in 1-2 business days. SHIP CODE- WH