100 Percent Alpaca Throws

These lovely alpaca throw blankets are made in the USA by Pendleton Woolen Mills from alpaca wool grown in the USA. Here is some information about alpaca wool from the Alpaca Blanket Project- FACT: Alpaca is lighter than sheep's wool, so you don't have to have a product that's heavy and bulky.
FACT: Alpaca is 7% stronger than sheep's wool, for a product that can last for years!*
FACT: Alpaca is warmer than sheep's wool because its fibers have hollow cores, like polar bear or camel hair, which acts like an insulator by holding in your natural body heat.
FACT: Alpaca is hypoallergenic, because the hairs do not have the sharp barbs of sheep's wool that can prick and introduce allergens into your skin.
FACT: Alpaca fiber does not contain lanolin, so it doesn't have to be chemically treated during processing.
FACT: Alpaca naturally will not absorb moisture, making products essential for extreme activities.*
FACT: Alpaca resists pilling and abrading, for products that will endure for years.*
* As certified by Gaston Textile College, NC, 2009

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