Herringbone Cotton Throw with Hand Twisted Fringe in 32 Colors

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48 x 70 inches plus fringe.  This throw is for those who want the very best!  Woven on Compton and Knowles W3 shuttle looms; a type of loom that dates from the 1940s and formed the backbone of the Industrial Revolution in this country. They produce selvedges that cannot unravel or be aesthetically obtained on modern equipment. Manufacturers care instructions: There is no need to wash your blankets before use, they won't shrink. All of our blankets are pre-washed and tumble dried during the final manufacturing process. This assures their hand and a stable dimension. When you wash: Our blankets wash beautifully. Machine wash on a short gentle setting. Make sure the blanket is evenly distributed and wet before adding your detergent. Please dilute your detergent before adding as the blankets are thick and this helps to evenly distribute. We recommend liquid detergents. Do not use chlorine products as it will degrade and discolor the natural fibers. Made in the USA! Size 48x70 inches plus fringe. Usually ships in 3-10 business days. SHIP CODE- MF