Kanata Mongolian Cashmere Scarf - Camel

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Kanata Blanket Companys cashmere scarves are made from Mongolian wool which is home to much of the worlds finest cashmere. The softness and luxuriousness of this natural fiber is second to none and to maintain this quality we have blended with soft lambswool. Cashmere is a luxury fiber valued by discerning men and women. Soft and warm. Add a touch of luxury with this classic cashmere scarf which anyone will be proud to own for a lifetime. The ideal gift, suitable for a man or woman. 60% cashmere & 40% lambswool. Imported. Dry clean only. 12 inches wide and 68 inches long including the fringed ends. Packaged in a white gift box. Usually ships in 1-2 business days. SHIP CODE- WH