Pinstripe 50% Cotton 50% Linen Blanket Queen

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This is a truly unique blanket! These amazing blankets were woven in a small mill on Compton and Knowles W3 shuttle looms a type of loom that dates from the 1940s and formed the backbone of the Industrial Revolution in this country. The edges are hand folded on all sides and securely sewn in place. This is an heirloom-quality blanket will help you get a good nights sleep by managing moisture and keeping you comfortable.

Here are some hints directly from the manufacturer: Linen loves water... and dislikes being dry as a bone. Ideally when you wash your Linen Blanket choose a front loading machine that will give plenty of room for circulation wash on a gentle cycle with as much water as possible to allow for movement. Avoid harsh detergents. Although it will not rot or mildew the soft spun yarns that we chose for our blankets can be degraded in the laundry. Careful drying is really important. Think of Linen as a woody fiber that will become brittle if it is dried at a high temperature or for an extended period. It is better to remove it slightly damp from the drier than to bake and break fibers. With due care your Linen Blanket will be a treasured heirloom for generations. We have woven our Linen Blankets from dew-retted wet spun line fiber yarn of our design. These yarns have absolutely no chemical additives and by hackling the fiber most of the short fiber has been removed to give a silky fiber with a high luster. The Natural yarn color will change from season to season just like the weather that helped the plant to grow. The Pearl colored fabric is created by hydrogen peroxide bleaching the least destructive to the plant and the most environmentally friendly. Please do not use any form of bleach on your blanket since it will tender the fiber and ruin the fabric. Linen is a marvel of Nature a hollow fiber insulator and an old world heirloom. We are proud to be the only North American Weavers of the yarn and one of a handful of Linen Blanket makers in the world.

Usually ships in 3-10 business days. Queen size measures 90x90 inches.