SnugSoft Deluxe Washable Wool Mattress Pads

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Nestle into the gentle embrace of quality plush wool covers! In the SnugSoft line the wool fibers are knitted around a durable poly thread that allows only the wool to come in contact with your body. It is this special process that allows for machine washing and drying. Wool has an inherent ability to act as a natural thermostat that helps you get a great nights sleep in winter or summer. It is unique in the way it handles temperature and moisture; adjusting throughout the night to accommodate your fluctuating body temperature. SnugSoft mattress covers create a dry haven and are ideal for people who tend to sweat during sleep. Wool's absorbent and hollow fibers wick moisture keeping air next to your skin dry. This reduces body temperature and eliminates that damp or clammy feeling. Cradles pressure points with cushioning support for increased comfort. Slip a SnugSoft Wool Mattress Cover under your sheet and get ready for a perfect night’s sleep! All SnugSoft covers have 2 elastic SnugStraps and come in standard bed sizes. Special sizing is available on request. You will love the excellent construction and rich wool density. Manufacturers 30 day 100% sleep satisfaction guarantee and one-year manufacturers defect warranty. Usually ships in 3-6 business days.

BUYING GUIDE: SnugSoft Elite has a pile height of 1 1/2 inches and has 60% more wool than SnugSoft Deluxe. SnugSoft Imperial has a pile height of 1 1/4 inches and has 33% more wool then SnugSoft Deluxe. SnugSoft Deluxe has a 1 pile height.