Dawn Oman Full Moon Plush Velura Blanket

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Dawn Oman Full Moon Plush Velura Throw Blanket

50 x 60 inches with self-hemmed edge.  Printed design on super soft Velura blanket fabric.

In Full Moon, Dawn Oman’s
snowy, bright images capture
the essence of the North in
winter, with wolves howling at
the full moon. The Wolf
symbolizes direction and
leadership; it is a teacher and a
guide. The Moon is a powerful
ally for the Wolf.

About the Artist:
Dawn is a Métis, born in Yellowknife, of Chipewyan and Welsh Heritage. In 1999, she opened her own gallery and studio, where she continues to work and to share her ever-widening range of products featuring her uniquely Canadian style. Her art draws inspiration from the Aurora Borealis, Polar Bears, Inukshuks, Ravens, and other forms of northern imagery. A totally self-taught artist, Dawn enjoys exploring new mediums and is currently experimenting with mosaics.

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