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American Dakota Rugs

American Dakota fine area rugs are made in the USA on American machines. They use dyes in vibrant colors inspired by the plant and mineral dyes found in the Southwest. American Dakota uses premium nylon yarns. These are the same yarn systems used in airport carpeting. American Dakota rugs surpass a commercial-grade rating so they can withstand generations of wear.

Nylon is the strongest yarn available. It is the perfect resilient yarn that can take abuse. It accepts the dyes used by American Dakota perfectly and the yarn system is fade resistant and antimicrobial. They apply two soil lifting properties to the yarn during manufacturing to make the rugs easy to clean. They also apply a synthetic flouropolymer to the yarn which is used on non-stick coating for cookware. The yarn is difficult to wet which makes cleaning an easy task. Cleans easily with hot chemicals!

Size choices listed above are approximate. Please refer to the chart below-

3x4 = 2’8”x3’10”, 4x5 = 3’10”x5’4”, 2x8 Runner = 2’1”x7’8”, 5x8 = 5’4”x7’8”, 8x11 = 7’8”x10’9” and8ft Round = 7’7”diameter

Usually ships out within 2-3 weeks.