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LAST CHANCE Fireside 100% Organic Wool Blanket

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PLEASE NOTE: THE CURRENT FIRESIDE BLANKET HAS MAROON AND GREEN STRIPES, NO GOLD AS SHOWN. These unique blankets are hand-loomed 100% organic virgin wool. The fiber is especially long; making the blankets very durable and soft. Most colors have no dyes and are the natural colors of the sheep. Lebarca blankets are machine washable in cool water. Washing simply makes them softer and stronger. Hang to dry. They make wonderful throws and bed blankets. Since wool is insulating even when wet; these blankets are excellent for emergencies. The rustic natural beauty of Lebarca blankets makes perfect authentic props for re-enactors. Our blankets are warm and thoughtful gifts which will be cherished for generations. Many reversible blankets have a cotton or polyester foundation; but Lebarca blankets use only 100% organic virgin wool. They are fluffy and soft. Usually ships in 2-3 business days via the United States Postal Service First Class Mail. Imported from Bulgaria. Weighs approximately 6 lbs making them some of the heaviest wool blankets on the market today!